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Chengde elementary
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To provide our kids a wonderful learning environment is our aspiration. To cultivate our kids having new century personalities is our duty. To accomplish the vision of Chengde elementary school is also our aspiration.

 Mr. Lee, the former chief of Education Department,  emphasizes on, "Direction is more important than efforts."   If everybody has the same directions and goals, we can cohere our force, work together, combine all information.   Then we can reach the goal rapidly.  Through our deliberating efforts, we shall have the atmosphere of “Respect, Care, love each other, honor".   So to find our spirit of " Creative teaching, multiple learning, breakthrough actively, creating new chances".  The great performances of “ Quality, efficiency, motivation and surpassing ourselves ”grows gradually.  It is said , " How ambitious you are, how powerful you are”,  “Unity of will is an impregnable stronghold."  So we work together with one heart,  we therefore can achieve a better.

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